Student Organization Key Policy
The University Centers Advisory Board assigns student organization office space in the Student Center, Price Center, and Che Facility on an annual basis. Student organizations will receive keys for their offices and must abide by the University Centers key policy.

  1. Student organizations that have been assigned office space in the Price Center and Student Center will be allotted up to four (4) keys per organization. Keys will be issued to one principal member (e.g. organization President or Secretary) who shall be responsible for issuing the keys to organization principal members.

  2. Student organizations must turn in all keys issued to them at the end of their assignment. If any or all of the keys are missing, the organization is responsible for a $100 re-keying charge which will cover the labor and materials to replace the lock and make new keys.

  3. No deposit is required; however, the student organization index number must be retained on file in case re-keying damage charges are assessed. The indexed number for your student organization should be obtained from the Student Life Business Office (Price Center East - Level 3)

  4. Office space key management will be coordinated by the University Centers Executive Assistance.

  5. Office move out takes place on or about 10th week of spring quarter. Organizations that retain office space assignment in their current offices do not need to return keys. Organizations that vacate or were assigned another office must turn in all their keys to the designated University Centers staff person by 4pm on the friday after Spring finals, in order to avoid re-keying charges.

  6. All information pertaining to the office assignment including student organization, principal member responsible for keys, index number, etc. will be kept in the EMS Reservations software database.

  7. Keys are not transferable.