Chair & Vice Chair Application

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UCAB Chair Duties
• Preside over all UCAB meetings and prepare meeting agendas
• Communicate with and advise the Director on University Centers and UCAB operations
• Act as a key student liaison regarding the services and operations of University Centers
• Represent student union at Campus Retail Council meetings
• Maintain the integrity and efficacy of UCAB proceedings and operations.
• Meet with campus leaders to advocate for student interests and student union vision

UCAB Vice Chair Duties
•Preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair
•Coordinate and preside over all ad-hoc committee meetings
•Chair the Space Allocation Committee and advise the Board on status and facts related to all space allocation processes
• As Vice Chair, attend GSA meetings as determined

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First Name
Last Name
Grad Department (optional)
Graduation Year
How many hours per week are you able to commit to the University Centers Advisory Board?
What extracurricular activities are you currently involved in at UC San Diego?
Tell us about your familiarity with the Programs, Facilities & Services at the Price Center and Student Center.
Briefly describe what qualifies you to be UCAB Chair or Vice-Chair.
What are your visions/goals for the next year?